Hoi An is voted world’s best city

Hoi an Vietnam_20090227134021

Leading U.K travel magazine Wanderlust has declared Hoi An the world’s best city destination from a poll contributed by 3000 avid travellers (and readers of the magazine). With a 97.18 per cent satisfaction rating, Hoi An was a clear winner, beating the other 976 cities featured in the poll.

Wanderlust’s Mark Stratton commented on the win saying; “It really is a very likeable and beautiful city. Beaches and rural surroundings add up to a great package for travellers. A worthy winner”.

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Without doubt Hoi An is the place to go to immerse yourself in history and culture on your Vietnam trip. From the pagodas to the tailor shops, the town simply oozes with charm and is a delight to explore; and it is definitely a good idea to schedule a decent amount of time here on your Vietnam holiday.

You’ll find Hoi An listed as one of UNESCO’s World Heritage sites and it’s not difficult to see why. The old town is a network of narrow streets, hidden treasures and protected sites

The cultural tour of the old town isn’t for everyone, but this is not a problem as there is so much more to explore and enjoy. Additional activities to get involved in that will show you different side to the Vietnamese culture include cooking lessons, a visit to the My Son temple ruins or even getting a brand new set of clothes made by one of Hoi An’s famous tailors.


If you do choose to get clothes/shoes made it is advisable to visit your chosen tailor in the first few days of your Hoi An trip as they will often need at least 24hours to make your order. Another snippet of advice is to avoid the tailors on the outskirts of the main town, these are often cheap but can be poor quality. Ask around at your hotel or local restaurants for recommendations to ensure you are getting the best deal! Don’t worry about fitting all of your purchases into your limited luggage space- most tailors offer a reasonable shipping charge to send your clothes back home.

If getting active is your thing, it is easy to rent a motorbike or bicycle for the day escaping the town and exploring the rural countryside, getting a taste of Vietnamese life away from the hustle and bustle.

If you have the time to spare on your Hoi An trip, it is definitely worth taking a guided tour of the My Son temple ruins where you’ll be able to explore the temple ruins left behind by the Champas rulers. Why not take advantage of the guided tours of the ruins, for a few dong you will find out the history of the ruins and be able to ask your guide any questions you wish.

Finally, why not just simply relax in one of the riverside cafes, take a short ride in a swan boat along the river or make your way to the beach? There’s history, food and plenty of shopping to be done!