What to pack for your Vietnam Holiday


This time last year I was getting excited about my first holiday to Vietnam, and doing plenty of research into what I should pack for three weeks travelling North to South…

Vietnam has quite distinct climates depending on whether you are in the northern hills of Sapa or catching some rays on the Southern coast, so to ensure you are packing the essentials for your holiday why not take a look at some of the packing tips I jotted down after my Vietnam trip.

Sunscreen is important to pack for your Vietnam trip, particularly if you are intending to spend some decent time on the beach. Temperatures can raise to the mid-30’s between December and March in the South so if you are fair-skinned liked me, ensure you have protection of factor 30 and above.

Thinking about what to pack while on holiday in Vietnam really depends on the type of holiday you’ve planned. My itinerary involved adventurous sections along with some time for some R&R on the beach so I made sure I had lots of clothes to layer, comfy shoes, a bikini and insect repellant.

A really important piece of equipment of course is a camera to be able to be able to capture all the incredible moments. To avoid disappointment, don’t forget to take a decent amount of memory cards with you and back up batteries/charger, just in case. This is particularly important if you’re planning to go to Sapa and Halong Bay as there will be so many landscapes and moments you’ll want to capture.


It is important to make sure that you pay a visit to your GP to get the best and most up-to-date medical advice. It is always a good idea to take some vitamin tablets on holiday to keep your immune system in tip top condition, and also to inquire with your doctor about vaccinations and protection against mossie bites, whether it be a strong repellent or if you are visiting any rural areas with malarial risk, malaria tablets.

Sa Pa was a definite highlight of my Vietnam trip and I was glad that I packed a good pair of walking shoes and small medical aid kit in my backpack (it wasn’t needed but always good to keep just in case). Another tip is to take a foldable Poncho to Sa Pa as there can be short showers. If you are planning a trekking trip between December and February it can be quite cold in the north, so make sure to pack a fleece and some warm layers, especially for the evening.

In terms of clothing, it is important to know what the climate is like depending where you’re going and when. Make sure you ask your Travel Specialist about what the weather is most likely to be like while you’re planning your holiday. Vietnam can be tricky as the climate can vary depending on what region of the country you’re visiting and what time of year it is. You can take a look at our guide to when to travel to Vietnam here. You can expect short sharp afternoon showers at any time of the year in Vietnam, but March and April do tend to be the best months climate wise. Comfortable shoes are a must, swimming gear for the beach and respectful clothing particularly if you plan to visit attractions of religious significance.